Splendour of India

The God in me bows to the God in you.


Immerse yourself in the Indian experience with “Splendour of India”, as we take you through virtual reality for an experience of this warm, beautiful, colorful and often chaotic country, called India. The spiritual and cultural ethos of India is unique to itself, it is a melting pot of languages, cultures, and religions, yet manages to coexist harmoniously. 


India brings back memories of the spiritual awakening spree that attracted tourists from all over the world who came all the way to India for an experience of self-realization and ultimate peace (Nirvana). India has been a hot spot for the free-spirited hippies in the 70’s and you would also find people of all races enthusiastically swirling to the chants of Hare Krishna.


Splendours of India is the warm hospitality you will experience across the country, where people believe that a guest is equal to god and should be treated as such. ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’- which is Sanskrit for the potent host-guest relationship which translates to “ Guest is God.’


Bollywood and cricket are also considered to be pseudo-religions in India, and the population worships cricketers and actors with much fervor. Bollywood has contributed greatly to the culture of India and added the quintessential ‘tadka’ (spice), and ‘dhadakan’ (heartbeat) to the soul of India.

“Splendour of India Products and Events” is bringing the same tadka and dhadakan through specially curated events to Israel. Experience the intoxicating blend of India’s rich heritage and its flourishing leap to modernization at our curated events. indian experiences , 

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Come along, let us adorn you with garlands and ‘tikka’, step into an India away from India and feast your senses on the vibrancy of Indian culture, multi-cuisine of India, music sights and sounds. An experience so nostalgic that you would want to experience it again and again and share it with your loved ones


you will definitely say ‘Balle Balle!’ “Shukriya “ at the end of the night.

Eddna Samuel
Co-Founder & Creative Director