Bollywood | Indian Theme

Create a Bollywood Themed Party or Event with fabulous venue decor including colorful fabrics and drapes, low-level seating, the aroma of incense, Indian Music, Bhangra Dancers and Bollywood props for a sensational evening!

Bollywood & Bhangra Band

One of the India’s top desi Bollywood and Bhangra band for weddings, corporate events or festivals. The traditional music of Indian film and Punjabi Bhangra combined with the distinctive brass sound creates a sound which is individual and unexpected.

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Bollywood Dancers, Bhangra Dancers, Dhol Drummers, Sitar Players, Snake Charmers, Traditional Indian Musicians, Bollywood Costumed Stilt Walkers & Fire Eaters, Bollywood Living Statue, Costumed Hosts & Hostesses.

Bollywood Dancers

We offer anything from 2 to 20 dancers. With a variety of traditional outfits to choose from and a vast number of props, this will certainly give your event a wonderful “WOW FACTOR”. Choose from Bollywood, classical or even Kathak dancers.

Cattle Fair, Pushkar Theme 

Pushkar Cattle Fair is regarded as the largest camel fair in the world. It is held in Pushkar, Rajasthan. This fair is known worldwide for holding cultural significance. This fair is held on Karthik Shukla Ekadashi  to Hindu calendar in the month of October- November every year. Many cultural activities are held and several stalls are organized for shopping during the fair.

Sporty Event | Dahi Handi Theme

Done only with prior rehearsals 

Dahi handi is the major attraction in Maharashtra. People celebrate this festival also known as Ranga Panchami enthusiastically with colors after Holika dahan.

Holi, Barsana

One of the unique festivals in India is the Lathmar Holi which is celebrated at Barsana in Uttar Pradesh. According to belief, Krishna used to visit Barsana from Nandgaon to play Holi with Radha and her friends. Krishna and his friends were later chased by the Gopis.  

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Indian Holiday Package

Holiday Packages prepared for groups of like-minded smaller groups to enable visit locations especially to ensure that every member of the group relishes an experience of a life time!